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If you have ever worried that your employees aren’t receiving the correct documentation upon commencement, you’re not alone.

In fact, entering into a ‘handshake’ deal is quite common. However, businesses that do so risk leaving themselves exposed by not having a contract for employees. 

Newbi employment contract templates empower business owners to protect themselves and avoid costly disputes.


contract for employees

Small business pricing 

Investing in a quality employment contract for your employees doesn’t need to be expensive, as Newbi documents are created with small business budgets in mind.

Smart businesses are moving away from slow procurement processes which drive up costs, to better value options like Newbi.


Contract for employees
contract for employees

Employment agreements you can trust

All Newbi employment agreement templates are endorsed by leading Australian employment lawyers.

If you are looking for an employment contract for employees, you can be assured of a quality document with Newbi. 


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Fair Work Employment Contract: the faults explained

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You’ve just hired a new employee. What next?

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Employment contracts. Does small business need them?

Employment contracts. Does small business need them?

Employment contracts (or employment agreements) are essential documents as they ensure that both you the employer and your employees have a clear understanding of what is expected from both parties during employment. In particular for the employer, employment...

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