Privacy Policy


From time to time companies are required to collect, hold, use and/or disclose personal information relating to individuals (including, but not limited to its customers, contractors, suppliers and employees) in the performance of your business activities. The information collected by your company will, from time to time, be accessible to certain individuals employed or engaged by the company who may be required to use the information in the course of their duties.

This document sets out your company’s policy in relation to the protection of personal information and the company‚Äôs requirements and expectations in relation to the handling of personal information. The policy applies to all employees and cover:

  • What is Personal Information?
  • What is not Personal Information?
  • Kinds of information that the Company Collects and Holds
  • How the Company Collects and Holds Personal Information
  • Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
  • Disclosure of Personal Information
  • Access to Personal Information
  • Correction of Personal Information
  • Integrity and Security of Personal Information
  • Data Breaches and Notifiable Data Breaches
  • Anonymity and Pseudonymity
  • Complaints
  • Breach of the Policy

Ensure your company is covered by implementing the Privacy policy, the policy is fully customisable and printable.