Whistleblower Policy


Most companies are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable work environment where individuals are encouraged to speak up and report conduct that causes them concern. In 2019, the Australian Federal Government passed a new whistle-blower legislation to ensure that people have the ability to anonymously report unethical or illegal behaviour occurring in Australian businesses. Effective 1 January 2020, all companies over 100 employees need a whistle-blower policy in place.

Companies who fail to follow the new federal whistle-blower laws could face penalties of up to $10.5 million. Companies with more than 100 employees are required to distribute a Whistle-blower policy, record acknowledgment of the policy and always have the policy available to employees. Companies also need to have a way for an employee to report that is both readily available and anonymous. The policy applies to all employees and covers:

  • Definitions
  • Who must a disclosure be made to?
  • Reporting Procedure
  • Disclosures Qualifying for Protection
  • Legal Protections for Disclosures
  • Our Obligations
  • Non-Reportable Conduct
  • Access to Policy
  • Breach of the Policy

Ensure your company is covered by implementing the Whistleblower policy, the policy is fully customisable and printable.