Small business human resources practices don’t need to be costly. There are many free or inexpensive things that you can do to improve your small business human resources. Here are five of our favourites. 

  1. Be thorough with your onboarding – make sure each employee is issued with an employment agreement so that their terms and conditions of employment are clear. This will help reduce the risk of a dispute if one is ever raised. Also, ensure all employees are issued with a Fair Work Information Statement, which is a requirement.

  2. Put in place an employee handbook – A lack of written policies (contained within the handbook) which set out the rules and expectations of the workplace can be costly in the long run. Having structure in your workplace enables it to function better, particularly in regard to processes and how people work together. Employee handbooks should include workplace policies that are easy to understand, fair and consistent.

  3. Ditch the paper – Many small business human resources processes rely on paper-based records to track clock on times, rosters, to process key HR-related functions such as hiring and issuing documentation such as employment agreements. These outdated manual processes may put your business at a disadvantage as they are time-consuming. By considering the use of technology-based solutions for these tasks you can focus on growing your core business. Small business HR software will save you time by automating tasks that you would otherwise have to do yourself.

  4. Remember that creating a positive company culture is important – having a thriving company culture comes down to the degree to which employees feeling safe to speak up. Your employees should feel like they can take risks without the fear of negative consequences or being ridiculed. Enabling employees to have some choice over the work they do, creating an environment where employees are encouraged to share opinions and feedback, and managers leading by example and admitting their own failures will help to create a positive culture.

  5. Invest in employee training – By investing in employee training you’re investing in your team members and creating more know-how for your business. Enabling employees to develop will help them to feel appreciated and we all know that employees who feel appreciated will put in more discretionary effort.

By ensuring these 5 things are occurring, small business human resources will help your business function better and reduce workplace issues. Get in touch with Newbi today, or view our employment agreement templates online.